Leave your past behind and live life with a new positive mindset

Stop your past experiences from dictating your future. I can help you heal and make positive changes to your mind and body.

Anyone, anywhere, Better Health Easy is for you.

Transform your life

  • 1. Release stress, trauma, triggers, negative thoughts and beliefs
  • 2. Gain control of your thoughts and actions
  • 3. Be the best version of you

Providing you with the tools to thrive

Save time and money – Forget driving and spending money on petrol just to get your hypnotherapy session. You can save time and money by doing it at home guided by a professional.

Relax at home – Because you’re at home, you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed when you do your hypnotherapy. This increased relaxation is incredibly helpful, allowing you to open up more freely and be more present in your session.

It is possible to get the help you want regardless of your busy lifestyle. Invest in yourself today.

“After completing Christina’s package I have felt empowered and more control over my thoughts. I have learned to recognise when I think negative and replace those thoughts with new positive ones. I loved using the visualisations even when I’m not listening to the recordings. They have helped me feel more control of my mind, something I was not used to.”


Better Health Easy client