Please do not listen to your sessions while you are driving or operating any machinery.

Listen to this session every day or 3 x per week. 

There are moments and minutes of silence during this session. Please use that time to focus and visualise your desires. 


Bonus: manifestation and abundance.

Manifestation Steps:

1. Gratitude

 It is important to acknowledge what you have in your life right now. Be grateful for where you are in your life and everything you have. 

2. Desires

Clarify exactly what you want to manifest. How do you want to feel? Its important to focus on what you want, not what you don't want. 

3. Write it

Write out exactly what you want in the present tense, as if you have already achieved it. Only write things you want that you believe and see yourself doing or having. You can do as many as you like but I recommend writing 5 or 6 maximum. Start your manifestations with; I am/I have/I feel

4. Recording

Listen to the manifestation recording session to release any blocks, fears and anything that is in the way of you achieving your manifestations. Feel the connection to the universe and allow the receiving of abundance. 

5. Visualisation

Use visualisation to see and feel the image of yourself having achieved your desired outcomes. See it and feel it inside you. Hold onto that feeling. The feeling and emotion you have towards this is extremely important. When you feel it inside you, you are changing your vibration and the universe can connect to that feeling. 

6. Repeat

Every day, read or say your desires out loud or in your mind 2-3 times per day. See it in your mind and allow the feeling of achievement to come into you. Continue this for 30 days. When you are reading and saying your desires, start with a thank you to the universe, your god, spirit guides or anything that is greater or higher that you believe in. For example "Thank you universe for everything I have....." then continue to read your desires as If you have achieved them. 

Listen to this recording every day or at least 3 x per week for 30 days. At 30 days, you can emotionally let it go and leave it up to the universe to manifest it.