Please do not listen to your sessions while you are driving or operating any machinery.

I recommend you listen to each week's session every day. 

Please take your sessions seriously as you would going into a clinic for a session. Set yourself up, undisturbed, comfortable and ready. 


Week 2: This week's focus is on thoughts and habits. 

Recommended: Say the positive thoughts and statements you have written down on your worksheet, to yourself throughout the day. When you notice any negative thoughts come into your mind, make a conscious effort to replace them with some of the positive thoughts or statements you have written down on your worksheet. Notice which thoughts make you feel good and try repeat them to yourself multiple times throughout each day.

Habits: If you have any bad habits that you are aware of or any that you would like to change, think of something you can do in its place. 


Smoking -> Drink more water/ go for a walk

Drinking coffee -> Drink a herbal tea

Eating unhealthy food -> Eat more fruit

Make an effort this week to reduce or replace your unwanted habits with a new positive one. Every effort you make to change a habit is a step closer to you achieving your goals. 

Extra Activity to try: Say your positive thoughts and statements to yourself every morning when you first wake up. This can be out loud or in your mind. 


Only use this short session if you have limited time.