Please do not listen to your sessions while you are driving or operating any machinery.

I recommend you listen to each week's session every day.

Please take your sessions seriously as you would going into a clinic for a session. Set yourself up, undisturbed, comfortable and ready. 


Week 3: This week’s focus is on mind body healing.


Mindfulness is about being in the present moment and not being disturbed by the chatter/thoughts in your mind. You can practice this during anything you are doing. 


- Washing dishes

- Walking

- Observing your surroundings in nature

- Listening to birds

- Gazing at a candle

While you are doing an activity, make an effort to focus on what you are doing with all your senses. Take notice of the smells, sounds, visuals and body sensations. When you notice your mind starting to wonder and your thoughts taking over, allow your thoughts to pass by and bring your attention back to what you are doing. The more you do this, the more you notice your thoughts, especially the unhelpful ones and the faster you become at shifting your attention or replacing them with more positive thoughts. For example, if you are walking through a park, pay attention to the sounds you hear, your footsteps on the path or birds chirping. Pay attention to how you feel, your breath, the breeze on your skin. Notice any smells around you, flowers, grass, pets etc. Try and do this for as long as you can. When other thoughts come into your mind, shift your focus back to your walk. 

Make a conscious effort to be mindful each day. 

Challenge: Put your timer on for 3 minutes and see of you can stay focused on the same thing without following your thoughts. Aim to work it up to 10min. 


Only use this short session if you have limited time.