Please do not listen to your sessions while you are driving or operating any machinery.

I recommend you listen to each week's session every day.

Please take your sessions seriously as you would going into a clinic for a session. Set yourself up, undisturbed, comfortable and ready. 


Week 5: This week’s focus is on gratitude. 

Congratulations, this is your last week. 

Gratitude: As per your worksheet, pick an activity you already do and make an effort to say what you are grateful for before/during/after your chosen activity. Create a new routine of doing this. If it helps, stick a post-it note, set an alarm or reminder in your phone. You can chose to do this the same time as your affirmations or a different time that feels better for you. After a while of this practice, it will become automatic. 

Practicing gratitude helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety and increases your life satisfaction. Its important to focus on the positives in your life rather than thinking about negatives. 


Now that you have completed each session and experienced the different visualisations, you can chose one that resonates with you the most. In times of stress, you can use that visualisation to dispel any negative thoughts or release negative emotions and replace them with how you want to feel. 

Close your eyes and say in your mind as you take some slow deep breaths "relax now" so you can enter that deep calm state that you have experienced. Keep using this visualisation regularly and you will be able to access the wonderful effects of hypnosis any time. Use this place as your safe place that your mind can travel to any time you feel you need it. This gives you the ability to control your emotional state at any time. 


Only use this short session if you have limited time.